While Bjerk is probably not prounounced with a “jerk” in it, I kind of snorted to myself as I typed the word.

Yesterday, this arrived in the mail:

I love several of the patterns, and the one that I’ve decided to work on once I finish the 190 bobbles (only 15 to go! photo forthcoming, I’ve charged my camera batteries…) is BJERK!

I found a deal on Tiur yarn, which makes the project relatively affordable. Though still worthy of future heirloom status…

And, I thought there would be steeking involved but it turns out that I can still put off learning that technique. This sweater is knit in the round up to the beginning of the armhole shaping (same with the sleeves), then continued separately. The split in the neckline is not a steek, and neither are the armholes. I can sew the sleeves in with a tapestry needle and thread.

All of this is good news, because my sewing machine still lives in New Orleans.


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