Today I meant to send in four designs for consideration for a knitting publication. Well, tomorrow is my absolute deadline for getting it out.

No sketches here yet, but I will post a photo of the swatches. I have been spending the evening sewing in all the ends. Is this normal? Sometimes I don’t even swatch for project, and here I am doing finishing techniques on swatches.

It’s strange, I don’t have any knitting mentors anymore. My mom got me started so that I could continue to teach myself. When I worked at the Garden District Needlework Shop, we all shared and I learned some techniques and even a bit of needlepoint.

During that time, I was teaching knitting, though, so the tables had already been turned.

And now that I have started designing, even haphazardly, I am seeking mentorship again. I haven’t really applied myself to finding a mentor or role model, but I have all sorts of questions and I catch myself really wishing someone were around and I could be the student again.


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